Medicaid Masterclass + California CE Credits Online Course

Learn to do well, while doing good (AND... get CE credits while you at it!)

With the successful completion of this online class you will receive 4 California Continuing Education credits.

Medicaid Masterclass + CE Credits Online Course

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  • Why this is the greatest Opportunity for California Dentists YET!

    Learn about Prop 56, DTI, Supplemental Payments, Grants, Loan Repayment.

  • Where are the greatest opportunities to thrive?

    Plan your strategy before taking action. Then take massive action.

  • How to build a Denti-Cal platform that fits a DSO Exit Strategy?

    Learn the processes that will maximize Denti-Cal success.

  • Why it makes sense to use a TurnKey Solution

    Build quickly with facilities, systems and processes already in place.

  • Own your assets

    Focus more on making money through capital gains at exit vs. earned income strategy.


Dr. Jerry Lanier, founder of Kids Dental Kare, and author of the best-selling book “The Entrepreneur Dentist – How to Exit your Dental Business Rich,” offers mentoring for the  underserved, as well as dentists wanting to contribute to these communities.

Dr. Lanier found vast opportunities for win-win situations between Denti-Cal and providers. He is now sharing his successful process with fellow dentist wanting to expand their practices and do well, while doing good for the communities they serve.

Dr. Lanier has dedicated over 30 years as a Medicaid provider and he was able to exit using a major liquidity event – selling 14 locations to Western Dental in 2017.